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HLJ Symposium: New Directions In Antitrust
With high-profile litigation, a profusion of legislation, congressional investigations, and the rise of a Neo-Brandeisian theory of antitrust, the past five years have paved the way for a new critical appraisal of America’s competition laws. Now, antitrust is at an inflection point. With the Biden Administration appointing members of the latest wave of antitrust thought to top agency and advisory positions, as well as prioritizing competition, this moment is ripe for exploring new directions in antitrust. This symposium addresses the opportunities and challenges posed by the current antitrust laws, as well as the industries that are likely to shape the next era of antitrust application and theory.

10:00 AM PST – Panel 1: The Rise of Digital Platform Litigation
11:00 AM PST – Panel 2: Current Issues in Health Systems, Pharmaceuticals, and IP
12:00 PM PST – Keynote: Herbert Hovenkamp
1:00 PM PST – Panel 3: Antitrust in the Public Eye: Presenting Big Changes to Big Audiences
2:00 PM PST – Panel 4: Unfair Competition Law: How Far is Too Far

Feb 4, 2022 10:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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